Pain Data Viz

This is an artistic data visualization project. Artwork like graphics and animations are potentially more effective at communicating pain than words. The transformation of pain can be achieved in more diversified and poetic ways through multiple techniques of expression, using a diverse form of electronic art. Here, I designed two data visualization approaches for representing pain data.
Above figure shows a programming generated Jellyfish Chronic Pain Metaphors – expressions of differing qualities of pain. We incorporate the visual behaviours of the abstracted jellyfish movement to evoke specific characteristics of pain. Patients could describe the character of their pain to others, referring to the jellyfish’s motions which visualize the dynamic feature of pain.
Below figure shows another way of pain data visualization in circular map. Through this visualization, pain patients can be aware of their long-term activity levels, the changes that occur over specific periods of time, or identify periodical patterns.


 Tong, X., Gromala, D., Shaw, C., & Clarke, P. (2014). Transformation between Electronic Arts and Chronic Pain: Long-term Body Activity Data Visualisation and Pain Animation. Electronic Visualisation and the Arts (EVA 2014), 75-81.




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