Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

Exploring the Effect of Virtual Embodiment on Pain Reduction in Healthy Subjects and Complex Regional Syndrome Pain Patients in Virtual Reality Under Review

July 2020, Scientific Reports (impact factor: 4.011)
Tong X., Gromala, D., and Wei K.

“Follow me, and let’s see the sea!” ­– A Long-term Field Study to Promote Social Communications for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders through Online Collaborative Tasks in Minecraft Under Review
July 2020, PloS ONE (impact factor 2.776)
Tong X., Diao H., Zeng, S., Gromala, D., and Wei, K.

“I Dreamed of My Hands and Arms Moving Again”: A Case Series Investigating the Effect of Immersive Virtual Reality on Phantom Limb Pain Alleviation. PDF
Frontiers in Neurology, 2020, 11, p.876. DOI: 10.3389/fneur.2020.00876 (impact factor: 3.552)
Tong X., Wang X., Fan, B., Gromala, D., Williamson, O., and Wei K.


Designing a Virtual Reality Game for Promoting Empathy Toward Patients With Chronic Pain: Feasibility and Usability Study. PDF
JMIR Serious Games 2020;8(3):e17354, doi: 10.2196/17354, PMID: 32763883 (impact factor: 3.351)
Tong X., Gromala, D., Kieai P., and Shaw C.


Peer-reviewed Conference Article

LumaPath: An Immersive Virtual Reality Game for Encouraging Physical Activity for Senior Arthritis Patients. PDF
In International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, July 2019, pp. 384-397, Springer, Cham. 
Tong, X., Gromala, D., and Machuca, F.


Peer-reviewed Conference Papers

A Case Study: Chronic Pain Patients’ Preferences for Virtual Reality Games for Pain Distraction. PDF
In International Conference on Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality (pp. 3-11), July 2018, Springer, Cham.
Tong, X., Jin, W., Cruz, K., Gromala, D., Garret, B., and Taverner, T.

Farmooo, a Virtual Reality Farm Simulation Game Designed for Cancer Pediatric Patients to Distract their Pain during Chemotherapy Treatment. PDF
Electronic Imaging, 2018(3), 432-1.
Ng, J., Lo, H., Tong, X., Gromala, D., and Jin, W.