Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

Utilizing Gamification Approaches in Pervasive Health: How Can We Motivate Physical Activity Effectively? PDF
EAI-Endorsed Transactions on Pervasive Health and Technology, vol. 3, issue 11, e3. (Scopus-indexed)
Tong X., Gupta, A., Gromala, D., Shaw C., Neustaedter, C., and Choo, A.

Peer-reviewed Conference Papers

The design and evaluation of a body-sensing video game to foster empathy towards chronic pain patients. PDF
In Proceedings of the 11th EAI International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare pp. 244-250, May 2017.
Tong, X., Ulas, S., Jin, W., Gromala, D., and Shaw, C. D.

Cardboard Mobile Virtual Reality as an Approach for Pain Distraction in Clinical Settings: Comparison, Exploration and Evaluation with Oculus Rift. PDF
In Proceedings of the 2017 CHI Conference Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems, pp. 2345-2351, May 2017.
Amin, A. M., Tong, X., Gromala, D., and Shaw, C. D.

A Collaborative Visualization Tool to Support Doctors’ Shared Decision-Making on Antibiotic Prescription. PDF
In Companion of the 2017 ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW), pp. 211-214, Feb 2017.
Jin, W., Gromala, D., Neustaedter, C., and Tong, X.

Chasing Lovely Monsters in the Wild, Exploring Players’ Motivation and Play Patterns of Pokémon Go: Go, Gone or Go Away? PDF
In Companion of the 2017 ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW), pp. 327-330.
Tong, X., Gupta, A., Lo, H., Choo, A., Gromala, D., and Shaw, C. D.

Exploring body gestures as a natural user interface for flying in a virtual reality game with kinect. PDF
Electronic Imaging, The Engineering Reality of Virtual Reality 2017(3), 60-63.
Tong, X., Pekcetin, S., Gromala, D., and Machuca, F.


Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

Usability Comparisons of Head-Mounted vs. Stereoscopic Desktop Displays in a Virtual Reality Environment with Pain Patients. PDF
In MMVR conference & Journal of Studies in Health Technology Information, April 2016;220: pp. 424-431 (impact factor: 0.44).
Tong, X., Gromala, D., Gupta, D., and Squire, P.

Peer-reviewed Conference Papers

Mobius floe: an immersive virtual reality game for pain distraction. PDF
Electronic Imaging, 2016(4), 1-5.
Gromala, D., Tong, X., Shaw, C., Amin, A., Ulas, S., and Ramsay, G.

Examining the Efficiency of Gamification Incentives for Encouraging Physical Activity–Social Collaborations or Interactive Mobile Games. PDF
PervasiveHealth2016, 1-10.
Tong, X., Gromala, D., Shaw, C. D., and Neustaedter, C.