Courses, Lab Instructor and Teaching Assistant

IAT410 Advanced Game Design
Simon Fraser University, Fall 2020

IAT265 Multimedia Programming for Art and Design
Simon Fraser University, Summer 2020

IAT167 Digital Games: Genre, Structure, Programming and Play
Simon Fraser University, Spring 2020

IAT445 Immersive Environments
(Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, & Mixed Reality)

Simon Fraser University,Fall 2019

IAT312 Foundations of Game Design
Simon Fraser University, Summer 2016

IAT812 Interdisciplinary Design Approaches to Computing
Simon Fraser University, Fall 2015

Responsible for leading individual/group discussion sections, technical tutorials, living coding and debugging of 25-50 students, preparing and giving lectures once per week throughout the semester.

Courses, Primary Instructor

Foundations of Game Design and Unity Programming
Under the GUI Richmond/Burnaby Weekend Program, 2019-2020

Courses, Guest Lectures

Guest Lecture at CDM summer program, Summer 2016