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Xin’s research contributes to the larger understanding of how people with physical and psychological disabilities experience and interact with technology. Her work largely centers on understanding, designing, developing, and evaluating interactive systems, such as games and VR environments. Specifically, Xin contributes to how we understand psychosocial disabilities, such as autism or depression, and how technology can support people’s physical, psychological, and social needs under specific contexts, including pain patients, children, healthy and aging adults. She deeply embeds a design-thinking approach, working in partnership with clinicians, caregivers, and patients frequently to solve their problems and reach their goals through a user-centered framework in quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-method studies.

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With a focus on active learning and critical thinking, Xin has taught courses in technology for health technology, VR and games. She has taught in classrooms at Simon Fraser University, face-to-face and virtually. Her goal as a university educator is to create a student-centered learning environment where the students can turn theoretical knowledge into practical skills and, more importantly, make changes in the real world.

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Xin can be reached at tongxint [at] sfu [dot] ca.